Lantern isn’t just about technology, people or data. It’s a careful blend of the four ingredients below (and our secret sauce!) that sets us apart.

Data with integrity

Our data has integrity. Heaps of it, and it’s audited, real-time and granular too. With it, we provide an accurate picture of your fund and portfolio investments that you won’t find anywhere else.

Pioneering technology

Sourcing quality data is vital, but we don’t stop there. We seamlessly connect and normalise siloed datasets using innovative technology to generate powerful insight.

Industry expertise

We bring significant expertise to the table. From private markets veterans to technical accounting gurus, we obsess over the details, so you don't have to.

Intuitive experience

We don’t just make data look beautiful. We obsess over the process and build intuitive products in a beautifully elegant platform.

    We're on a mission to create the go-to private markets platform hosting the most trusted data sets, curated by the brightest minds and powered by the best technology.

    Edward Moore, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Our secret sauce

What we see as unique in the market – our secret sauce – is the fusion of innovative technology (data science, engineering and AI) and domain expertise (from private markets veterans to technical accounting gurus). The careful blend of these two pillars, connects and validates multiple data sources to curate a single dataset that GPs trust. The ‘golden source of truth’, as our clients call it, is then accessible through an intuitive platform, so data-driven decisions are made on the most accurate, timely data available.

It’s a feat often touted, but rarely achieved, by others in our industry. Without giving away the recipe, here’s a snapshot of how we do it. Please, just keep it to yourself.

    1. Extract

    We extract structured data directly from source (e.g. accounting platforms and data collection tools) in addition to unstructured data, such as financial statements and quarterly reports.

    2. Transform

    Data is then transformed into Lantern's proprietary data model. It's connected, cleansed, restructured and enriched with various calculations.

    3. Compare

    Comparisons are then made - using a blend of AI and our accounting gurus - to ensure the structured data matches audited financial statements and quarterly accounts.

    4. Reconcile

    Any discrepancies between the structured and unstructured data are then reconciled, creating a trusted, single source of truth that feeds into Lantern's platform.