Solving COO’s challenges

As private markets continue to grow and evolve, day-to-day operations are becoming increasingly complex. From ensuring regulatory compliance to supporting multiple fund strategies, the role of the COO has never been more challenging.



Ensure strategic decisions are being made from accurate data with a single, validated book of record that your firm can rely on.


A scalable solution that connects data from multiple funds and portfolio companies into one intuitive and accessible platform.


Data democratisation with built-in control, so you can give access to data and insights only to those who need it.

Platform highlights

From validated data GPs trust to unlimited seats, here are a few platform features COOs love.

Unlimited seats

Democratise data to those in your firm who need it. Lantern provides unlimited users for all of our products.

Unified data hub

Lantern acts as a unifying hub, seamlessly integrating data from other service providers and systems, to create a single source of truth that GPs can trust.

Intuitive experience

Navigate the platform like you do your favourite smartphone app. Effortlessly intuitive, the platform is designed for everyone - even the tech novice!

Key products for COOs