Access quality, validated data

Connecting data is one thing. Assuring the quality of data is another. Using a careful blend of AI tools and our experienced accounting gurus, we validate data against audited financial accounts and quarterly reports, so you get API access to a single source of truth GPs trust.

Key product features

Automated data flows

With Lantern's API, data flows directly into your systems, reducing the need for manual data entry, minimising errors and saving valuable time.

Customisable data retreival

Get all the data you need and none of the data you don't. Whether it's detailed transactional data or data that feeds into quarterly reports, you can tailor your request to suit your specific needs.

Single source of truth

Lantern validates raw data against financial statements and quarterly reports, giving you API access to a single source of truth GPs can trust.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access the API?

Lantern’s APIs can be accessed via our dedicated developer portal, which provides detailed documentation, including a list of available endpoints, input parameters and response schemas. We’re happy to show our developer portal in action – please get in touch or schedule a demo.

What data can I access?

You can access validated fund and portfolio-level data, both of which are available at two grains: report quarter and transactional. So you can understand fund or portfolio company performance per quarter or deep-dive into individual transactions. Full descriptions of the tables and the fields are available within our developer portal.

How secure is my data?

Lantern’s API ensures security using best-in-class security practices set out in Azure’s ecosystem. This includes the use of Azure Application Gateway for secure web traffic management and Azure API Management for robust user authentication and rate limiting. Defence in depth is strengthened with advanced firewalls, and application middleware provides scoped data access, ensuring your data is secure and accessible only to authorised users.