79% of fund managers believe advances in data analytics will positively impact LP-GP relations, with 1 in 3 describing it as transformative.

Performance dashboards

Save significant time, minimise risk and enhance decision-making with reliable, automated and intuitive dashboards that spotlight critical performance metrics.

From NAV and IRR to DPI, RVPI and TVPI, our dashboards provide you with real-time insights and the ability to instantly compare fund performance, to give you a competitive edge.

Operational insights

With our advanced analytics you can demonstrate your firm’s commitment to operational excellence and ensure your fund fees are fair, reasonable, and aligned with your investors’ interests.

Our customisable dashboard uncovers valuable operational metrics, such as cash-on-cash return and valuation investment rate. Gain deep insights into fund fees over a fund’s lifetime or specific periods.

Portfolio overview

Empower your teams with a comprehensive snapshot of your entire portfolio’s KPIs to enhance data-driven decision-making across the firm.

Easily analyse and monitor your portfolio’s KPIs with dashboards that include total cost (cost, equity, debt, and convertible), value (total value, cost, realised, and valuation), and ROI/Net IRR.

Explorable fund structure

Save significant time trawling through legal and regulatory documents to understand fund structures. Our solution allows you to effortlessly explore an automated, real-time view of your fund structure.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your funds’ structures, including GP, manager/promoter, jurisdiction, hurdle rate, and the number of LPs. Our structure chart beautifully displays the structure too, enabling seamless exploration and clarity.